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What To Do With Kimchi? Kimchi Fried Rice With Chorizo & Pineapple

Last week I shared a recipe for Kimchi Pancakes. Today I bring you another idea for what to do with kimchi: Kimchi Fried Rice With Chorizo & Pineapple. This is not really a recipe, because I'm not specifying the amounts for each ingredient, but I have faith you can figure out how much of each to use!

What To Do With Kimchi? Kimchi Fried Rice With Chorizo & Pineapple

hard chorizo, chopped
olive oil (optional)
pineapple chunks
frozen peas, defrosted
soy sauce
fresh cilantro

1. Heat a skillet. Add chorizo and brown. Remove chorizo to a plate.
2. Scramble an egg in the chorizo fat. Remove from the skillet.
3. Add a bit of olive oil to the skillet. Add pineapple chunks and saute them until they become golden brown.
4. Add defrosted peas, kimchi, rice and season with soy sauce and sriracha. Saute until rice gets a bit crispy.
5. Add back chorizo and scrambled egg to the pan. Heat through. 
6. Serve topped with fresh cilantro.

I so loved this dish. You can have it for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. It'd be even a great snack. Seriously, you've got to make this! Sweet pineapple, spicy kimchi, fatty chorizo and fresh cilantro: what's not to ♥?

If you  need a few more ideas for what to make with kimchi, knock yourselves out ;)