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Imperfect Chocolate Pecan Cookies From Dominique Ansel

On Wednesday I told you about a Soup Swap Party I hosted last weekend. My original plan for the dessert was to make a parfait from yogurt, jarred sour cherries and chopped pistachios. I also wanted to make cookies for my friends to take home and chose a recipe from Dominique Ansel's latest gorgeous cookbook: Chocolate Pecan Cookies.

The directions looked simple enough and the only downer was that the dough had to hang out in the refrigerator overnight. I made the dough the night before the party and planned on baking the cookies the day of the soup swap and packing them in cute little bags to give to my friends.

If you happen to dislike gluten or aren't able to tolerate it, these cookies are perfect for you because they don't have flour! The white stuff you see below is sugar and cornstarch with a bit of baking powder and salt.

The liquid portion of the recipe is melted chocolate, butter and eggs. And for a bit of a crunch/texture, Dominique uses chocolate chips and pecans. You fold everything together, pour into a baking dish and refrigerate overnight.

The next day you roll out the cookies and bake them.

This is what I ended up with...which is slightly problematic for a few reasons: 1) The cookies stuck to the parchment paper 2) The cookies were flat and did not resemble the photo in the book.

BUT they were incredibly delicious...I just wasn't able to take them off the parchment paper and pack them into cookie bags. Instead, I ended up scraping them off, crumbling them and adding them on top of the yogurt/cherries/pistachio dessert.

So, what happened???
Was the photo in the book false advertisement? Did I miss some of the ingredients? Were there issues with the ingredients I used? Was my oven in the wrong?
I honestly don't know. I double checked the recipe several times and am confident that I used the right amounts of ingredients and followed directions to a t.
After consulting fellow food bloggers, here are some of the possibilities as to why my cookies didn't turn out perfectly:
1) humidity issues
2) oven temperature issues
3) fat content of the butter
4) cocoa content of the chocolate
5) temperature of my refrigerator
What do YOU think happened? Have you made this recipe before? What were your results?