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Challah Breakfast Sandwich With Fried Egg & Cabot Cheese

Although the title of this post is Challah Breakfast Sandwich With Fried Egg & Cabot Cheese, I give you permission to make and eat this sandwich for breakfast, lunch or dinner! I mean who doesn't love breakfast for dinner meals?

This sandwich includes some of my most favorite things:
fried egg

A few weeks ago I received several coupons from Cabot cheese company to try their products and decided to try their Vermont Sharp first. Did you know not all cheddar is bright orange? I loved the texture and flavor of the Vermont Sharp and have been eating it as a snack, as part of grilled cheese sandwich with tomatoes and basil, and also clearly used it in this concoction.

Challah Breakfast Sandwich With Fried Egg & Cabot Cheese

2 slices of challah, toasted
slices of Vermont Sharp
roasted red pepper
avocado slices
fried egg

layer all ingredients together (you may want to add a bit of salt to your avocado slices)
slice in half
get ready for delicious mess

Disclosure: I received a few coupons for Cabot products but was not compensated for this post or recipe. All opinions are my own as always.