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Easy DIY: How To Make Marble Candles

Today I'm going to share with you a super quick and adorable DIY project. It has nothing to do with cooking or food, but this is my blog, so I get to do whatever I want ;)

Remember my post on decorating a pumpkin using nail polish? Well, this How To Make Marble Candles project uses the same technique.

1) Start with plain candles. I've had these candles for probably a decade. I never lite them because they are on a candle holder that is on my wall (see a photo above).

2) Find a bucket that is large enough to hold enough warm water and to have enough extra space to dunk in your candles. I used an Ikea planter because I did not care that its insides would get messy.

3) Add a few drops of nail polish into the warm water inside of the bucket and using a toothpick swirl the drops around. You can use several colors if you wish.

4) Dunk in your candle. You can dunk just half of it, or a third, or the whole thing: it's completely up to you!

5) Let the candles dry completely. If you aren't entirely happy with the look, you can repeat the above steps.


These turned out so adorable! I love that the nail polish adds a bit of color to my room.