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Comfort Food: Hummus With Ground Lamb, Feta & Pistachios

Comfort food doesn't have to mean low and slow, fattening, braised, or warm. It can be something that takes you less than 15 minutes to make, still has a lot of color and texture, and that doesn't leave you wanting to unbutton your jeans ;) This is exactly the case with my Hummus With Ground Lamb, Feta & Pistachios.

This year I'm continuing my friendship with Superior Farms because we have the mutual love of lamb. They sent me a gift card to cover the cost of groceries and asked me to come up with a cold weather/comfort food dish.

This dish is inspired by the hummus plate I had at Shaya in New Orleans last month

Hummus With Ground Lamb, Feta & Pistachios

1. Brown ground lamb in olive oil and season with salt and green za'atar. Make sure to drain any excess fat. 
2. Spread a thin layer of hummus on a dish.
3. Top hummus with browned ground lamb, chopped pistachios, cubed feta, chopped fresh cherries. {Note: I originally wanted to use pomegranate seeds, but my grocery store was out of pomegranates. Cherries were a great substitute. You can also drizzle pomegranate molasses.}
4. Drizzle the dish with chili oil and add a sprinkle of salt and za'atar.
5. Serve with pita chips.

What would you make with ground lamb?