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TBT: Jose Andres' Minibar In Washington DC

If you live in Washington DC or follow its food scene, you have without a doubt heard of Minibar, one of Jose Andres restaurants that focuses on creativity, ambiance, experience and avant-garde cooking. 

This is not the type of restaurant you walk casually into on a random Wednesday night. You need to plan ahead, make reservations, and make sure you have $275 in savings. I've never dined at Minibar even though I've lived in DC for 15 years.

All that changed when my friend Emily was visiting from Chicago and asked if I'd join her for dinner at Minibar to celebrate her big birthday.

I said yes. I was a little apprehensive. Will the meal be impressive? Will I still be hungry after? Will it be worth the splurge? Will we be well taken care of?

I'm happy to report that from start to finish we had an unforgettable meal. The service, the food, the atmosphere {they had orchids everywhere!}, and the theatrical way the food was plated were truly superb.

Some of my favorite bites included gnocchi, ceviche, caviar and broiled cabbage! There were more than a few instances when I definitely would have taken a second helping, such as in the case of a fried doughnut stuffed with ice cream, but alas this was not that type of a restaurant.

As the meal was coming to an end, we tried what is called a dragon bite. See for yourself ;)

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If you have am opportunity to splurge and treat yourself, or are lucky to have someone else treat you, definitely go!