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Cooking with Friends: Arepas Feast

 Arepas, beef, guacamole on the table

Two of my favorite people to cook (and eat with) are Sylvie and Jazmin. This past weekend Jazmin and I had an impromptu sleepover at Sylvie's *there were no pillow fights,* and in the morning had an Arepas Feast!

I think this all started after Sylvie asked about the difference between arepas and pupusas. Because Jazmin is half Venezuelan, she offered to make us arepas (patties made from corn meal with water, salt, and a bit of butter).

Of course we could not just have the arepas on their own. We made shredded beef in a pressure cooker with fresh tomatoes and peppers; a pot of black beans with onions, garlic, and an orange; guacamole with tomatoes; and a side of feta or queso fresco.

This was such fun! The leftovers were awesome too.

Do you like cooking with others? 

Arepas and beef on a plate