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No Fake Meat: 2 Easy Meatless Ideas


Let me start by saying that I hate fake things (plants/flowers) and fake people. I also hate fake meat: I would rather eat something plant based that's not pretending to be beef or chicken. Ok, phew, I feel better. (I hear my friend Laura say 'hate is a strong word' in my head...)

This past week I made two meals using plant based ingredients as the base.

The photo above is a double 'burger' with Trader Joe's black bean/roasted corn patties (in the freezer section) on top of a bun slathered in mayonnaise, beet horseradish, with red onion, pickled jalapeno, and arugula! How pretty does it look? It did not stay this pretty when I took a few bites: the sandwich fell apart, but the flavor was awesome.

The photo below is BBQ tofu on top of a baked potato. I used a recipe from Doesn't Taste Like Chicken, and it turned out great. You can use this tofu mixture in a Sloppy Joe or on top of rice (hola Marnely), or even on top of polenta! Thanks to Emily for letting me know about this idea.

BBQ tofu on top of a baked potato

 What plant based meal have you made lately?