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Publicity and News


* Fine Cooking Blog linked to my salad recipe for their Best of Blogs (4/9/12)
* iVillage's 18 Ugly But Tasty Recipes (4/25/12)
* Huffington Post included my Grape Pie recipe in their Summer Pie Recipe Contest {slide #9} (6/19/12)
* Started blogging for Huffington Post!!! (July 2012)
* LATimes mentioned my Ground Lamb with Whole Wheat Shells, Broccoli Rabe, FreshTomatoes and Mozzarella recipe in their Daily Dish (7/16/12)
* Included in Huffington Post's Summer Recipes of the Week {slide #5} (7/20/12)
* Video of me cooking with Eventide's Chef Adam Barnett (7/22/12)
* Interview on MommyPage 
* Mentioned in Kitchen Daily's Instagram's Best Accounts for Food Photos (8/24/2012)
* Apartment Therapy shared my DIY Pallet Coffee Table project (8/31/12)
* LA Times #WeekendEats used my Oatmeal with Kimchi & Fried Egg photo (10/8/12)
* Nothing Beets Borsch event at the Jewish Museum of Maryland (11/1/12)
* Named as one of the Hot Blogs in the NorthernVirginia Magazine (11/9/12)


Photo credit 
SeriousEat's Weeeknd Cook and Tell Round Up: Cookie Season: Milano Cookies (12/14/11)
* SeriousEat's Weeeknd Cook and Tell Round Up: Cranberry Confidential: cranberry, walnut & chocolate tart (12/7/11)
* Monica Bhide's The Crackling Spices of Indian Tempering story on NPR featured my photograph for Tadka Soup with Crab (12/7/11)
* Express Night Out: photo I took at Bourbon Steak (Page 19) (11/22/11)
* DCist: Birch & Barley
* EatMoreDrinkMore: meatballs from Ardeo&Bardeo
* SeriousEats' Weekend Cook and Tell Round Up: Resolute Menus: radishes
* Serious Eats' Weekend Cook and Tell Round Up: A Farewell to The Minimalist Column: Bittman's ginger rice with fried egg (2/3/2011)
* Serious Eats' Weekend Cook and Tell Round Up: Romantic Respites: Chocolate Covered Strawberries (2/16/11)
* Serious Eats' Weekend Cook and Tell Round Up: Eggs Abound: Shakshuka (4/27/11)

* Included in the ivillage's 15 Holiday Recipes from Our Favorite Food Bloggers (12/9/11)
* TheKitchn linked to my Roasted Pear & Buttermilk Sorbet recipe (11/18/11)
* Kate Spade Tumbler linked to my Brussels Sprouts Recipe (10/18/11)
* Washington Flyer chose me as one of the Washington Flyer's Best 100 Travel Blogs of 2011 (7/12/11)
* Boston Organics linked to my quinoa/beet salad recipe (1/31/11)
* Quoted in Express Night Out's Single Servings: Tips for Cooking for One (3/9/11)
* Katie Brown linked to my yogurt dip recipe in her Simple Memorial Day Meal (5/26/11)
* Babble featured my Caprese Panini (5/31/11)

Chats & Events
* TBD Valentine's Day chat with Alejandra & Tammy (2/9/11)
* Kept a food diary for Washingtonian (anonymously) (6/22/11)


* CapitolB included my review and photographs of Kellari for Winter Restaurant Week Round-Up

* DC Ladies re-posted my blog post about teaching knife skills class to 5 DC food bloggers

* DC Ladies blog featured my recipe for Move Over Oatmeal, It's Quinoa's Time to Shine as Breakfast Food

* Demo at Capital Harvest on the Plaza

* Demonstrated how to make a Raw Beet, Arugula & Goat Cheese Medallions salad with 3 other bloggers at 14th & U farmers market

* EatMore DrinkMore followed my recipe for Challah Bread Pudding and loved it!

* FamousDC linked to my review of Tabard Inn

* Featured on Discovery Health Channel

* Featured in Washington Post Express
* ILoveStickyRice featured my review of Sticky Rice restaurant

* My recipe for Potato Mushroom Wonton Potstickers was one of the winners for Nasoya's Holiday Wrap-Up Contest
* Impressed Planet Green with Spinach, Sundried Tomato and Asiago Cheese Souffle [Washington Post liked it too!]

* Inspired Cate's World Kitchen to make Curried Butternut Soup

* Inspired Growing up girl to make Pickled Radishes

* Inspired Mangos chili and Z to make Hearts of Palm, Asparagus, etc Salad
* Listed on 100 Best Food Blogs for the Starving College Kid

* My Virgin Pom Mojito recipe was featured on Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen Blog

* Nasoya featured a video I made for Italian Sausage Wontons on their website
* Nestle Kitchens featured my photos for their Life is sweet with these pumpkin treats...even with diabetes post
* Participated in Foodbuzz's Cork & Fork project

* PBS Parents linked to my Italian Sausage Calzones recipe

* The photo I took during Brunch at Birch & Barley was used in Metrocurean blog and Modern Domestic blog

* Photographed Jenna of Modern Domestic for her About page

* Serious Eats featured my photograph of Roasted Broccoli in their Weekend Cook & Tell Round Up

* Smithsonian Magazine linked to my Pomegranate Pancake recipe

* Soup Chick linked to my Cold Black Bean Soup recipe

* Specialty Produce featured my Roasted Acorn Squash Soup

* Taught five paying knife skills class

* Taught 5 DC food bloggers knife skills: check out reviews from Adventures of a Florida Girl in DC, Adventures in Shaw, Urban Bohemian, and One Bite at a Time. Also, check out great Flickr photos and videos from the class.

* featured my recipe for Russian Potato Salad in their 18 Potato Salad Recipes to Try

* World Kitchen listed my website as one of her favorite food porn sites along with Pioneer Woman and Hungry Cravings


* Mango & Tomato was featured in the Washingtonian's Blogger Beat

* Pho-like Matzo Ball Soup was included in the Washington Post's Snowpocalypse Feature [Got No Milk liked it too]

* Moment Magazine featured my Latkes Variations and Pho-like Matzo Ball Soup

* Saveur chose Crystallized Gigner and Pistachio Biscotti as one of their Best of the Web Recipes

* Daring Bakers interviewed me for their website

* Inspired Lena to make Black Currant Jam in 5 Minutes

* In June 2009, I was lucky to attend Share Our Strength Tasteful Pursuit Dinner as a representative from Foodbuzz

* Stacey Snacks recreated my Blueberry and Peach cake to make her version of Jersey Summer Cake and made a version of my 5 Minute Jam using currants. The Constables Larder added apricots to that cake!

* Salt & Turmeric featured my dad's (!!!) recipe for Baked Trout with Vegetables

* My Finds on Line listed me as one of the 100 Newly Discovered Top Recipe Blogs

* Hugging the Coast featured Salmon Tower Sandwich for it's Fish For Friday Recipe

* Inspired Delicious Dishings with my Cherry Pancakes

* Inspired DC Striving to make Vegetable & Tofu Coconut Soup

* Participated in the FoodieFights Lentil & Pumpkin Battle


* Butternut Squash Hummus Recipe was included in Clark Wellness newsletter (and in Sharri Lyon's website)

* I interned at in 2008 for a few months

* Tortilla Torta and Plum Pizza with Gorgonzola, Pine Nuts, and Onions won Root Source Challenges at

* Serious Eats featured a photograph of my What to Do with One Egg post

* Closet Cooking recreated my Coconut Butternut Squash recipe

* Dishing Up Delights  recreated my Orzo with Bacon and a Poached Egg recipe

* What to Eat Tonight adapted my Sweet Potato, Carrot & Ginger Soup recipe

* live to eat liked my No Cooking Required Mango Soup, but added a bit more sugar and mint!