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What to serve for an Oscars party

Sunday is a big day for movie lovers: Oscars!!! Are you going to be watching? Do you care more about the outfits, who the stars bring along as their dates or who actually wins the Golden Statue?

Regardless, what to serve for an Oscars party must be a question on your minds!

Recently I was contacted by Nevin Martell who writes for Express and asked if they could use my Eggplant & Tomato Dip recipe for a feature about what food to serve during an Oscars party. Of course I said yes! Below is that feature: I'm in good company: the other recipes are by Chef Jeff Trunks of and Chef Nora Pouillon of Of course my recipe has the least number of ingredients and steps...but I'm sure you would have guessed that. {Make sure to scroll down for a what I hope you'll find a fun pairing of Best Picture nominated films with food!}

Surely, the eggplant dip would not be enough. To make this a bit more fun, I decided to pair up my suggestions with the Best Picture nominees. Let me know what you think ;)

Black Swan: Black & White Chili: because you know, one swan is black and another one is white, and plus chili is a great one-pot meal to have when you have company! Don't forget to make cornbread! {Loved this movie!}
The Fighter: Fighting makes me think of bruises, which are blue, so why not make Blueberry & Coconut Scones? That'd be an incredibly easy and tasty dessert. {Great movie!}  
Inception: This was quite a confusing (in a good way) movie, with many twists and turns, which might make your head why not have a Pama & Berry drink?
The Kids Are All Right: I absolutely hated this movie. I thought it was high on stereotypes and there was a lot of unnecessary s*x! But since it dealt partially with kids, how about egg in a hole? Who doesn't like those?
The King's Speech: I've got to watch this movie: heard so many good things about it. So, what's fit for a king or a queen? Nothing but red caviar, of course! 
127 Hours: 127 hours is a very long time! It's enough time to make your own phyllo dough for these mushroom & ricotta filled phyllo triangles. Of course you can also simply buy phyllo at your local grocery store.
The Social Network: Facebook is all about reconnecting with old friends, right? Or is it to look up your frenemies and ex boyfriends!? :) I'd like to share with you a great party dip by my friend Jenny: Chicken dip with mayonnaise, cheese, salsa, etc. It's seriously good!
Toy Story 3: This is another movie I did not watch, but it looks colorful and fun! How about mini fritatas with broccoli and sun dried tomatoes? Plus, since these are individually made fritatas, you can customize them for each guest and they should be a hit with your kids!

True Grit: I did not see this movie either. But it has the word "grit" in the title, so you must go with polenta with mushrooms, bacon & onions. Before you start commenting, I know polenta is not exactly grits, but both are made from corn: close enough! Feel free to add shredded beef, pork or chicken to this dish.

Winter's Bone: I had to look up what this movie is about: poverty (at least partially). So what can you make on the cheap that will be a big hit? How about white bean & chipotle dip, hummus, or pickled red onions?
How are you planning on watching the Oscars? What food will you be serving? What movies are you rooting for?


Delicious Dishings said...

This is so creative. I love it! I sadly just noticed I've only seen two of the best picture nominees. I'm so out of the loop. We're having a boring dinner of fish, rice, and broccoli.

Lael Hazan @educatedpalate said...

Such a fun post! Yes, you MUST see the Kings Speech, it was fabulous! Colin Firth truly deserved to win and the direction was amazing.

We ended up at a dinner party last evening and no one was remotely interested in the Oscars except us. I'm not sure if they find the show boring or didn't like the movies. However, the food was lovely, they even made pizzas in their backyard pizza oven!

suicide_blond said...

oh i wish id seen this earlier!!! makes my pizza taquitos and champagne seem sooo ...uninspired!
next year!

Blake Landau said...

This was a very creative post! It's all about having fun with food--very impressive and a great idea for next year. I think you could also do an oreo-inspired desert for Black Swan--fabulous movie.